Thursday, February 28, 2013

Updates, thoughts on MG lists, painting

Where to begin...

Let's start with having way to much stuff to paint!  I think I have finally caught the disease of buying way too much stuff than I will ever paint.  And for this I blame Battlefront and Evan.

So I am still putting finishing touches on my 2 ID / Winter Infantry Company.  I still have a bunch of vehicles that need decals.  And then what happens...

I go out and buy (now in my defense, these were fire sales!!!):

2 Strelk Platoons
1 Strelk Company
Brit Rifle Company
US SP AA - enough to field the 4 vehicles
US 155mm Arty
US M4A3 Lates from BF
Brit Shermans
3 Brit Commando Platoons
Brit Para Recon Jeeps
US Winter Bazookas
US Winter HMGs
Brit Universal Carriers
Brit Ram / Roos
Brit LVTs
Brit Land Mattresses

Ok, you get the idea...

And this is on top of the stuff that I am still trying to paint.  I am an idiot...

Here is a quick picture or two of my progress:


These are three of my Rams.  I will admit to having 9 more...

One of my LVTs.  I will admit to having 5 more...

Which brings me to my thoughts on the MG books.

First, I am much more familiar with the Allied lists because, well I play Allied lists.  The German lists a varied, some are a bit quirky - like 12 88s!!! - and others are simply good lists - KG Spindler.  But there is literally something for everyone in the BbB book for the Germans.

The MG book for the Allies is very good.  Yes, everyone is aware that the 17pdrs now get APDS, so the AT stat has been bumped up to 15.  At the 6pdr AT gun has been bumped up to AT 11.  The PDFs have been incorporated into the book and the Commandos have been added - along with some really good Canadian lists.

Let me say that again...  really good Canadian lists...  Remember when I posted last year about TFA??  While not TFA quality "good", the Canadians are worth a peek.  Plus you get the cool Rams / Roos to have your infantry tool around in!!  Oh, the Commandos are pretty good too.  I mean, where else can you get 16 Sherman tanks rated CV for 800 points??  Ok, they are Crab Tanks (Flails) and they can't assault and they don't have a hull MG, but they are still AT 10 tanks...  So Commandos can get 16 tanks and the LVTs.  And if you want more fun, grab some Naval Guns!!

Now are they 2 ID strong, maybe.  But probably not.  But check them out.

As you see in the pictures above, I did try to get some painting done last weekend.  All told, 32 vehicles have now been base coated and panel faded.  Unfortunately, my airbrush is now "dead".  But the good news is the TWO replacement airbrushes are now in the mail!!

So that is about it for now.  I don't have any tournaments on the docket as I am skipping EW Nats at Adepticon this year.  But I am planning on attending Historicon again and entering the LW Nats!

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