Friday, February 10, 2012

More V3 nuggets

In my last post, I left with the teaser regarding the gun teams.

Now a gun team can shoot as if it were a rifle team.  I believe this also applies to the staff team.  So if you have guns with No HE and enemy infantry are heading your way, you can shoot!  I believe it is out there already that gun teams can shoot at side armor in assaults (not just Defensive Fire).  That will be a changer too.

But here are a few more:

2iC can roll for Company Morale

Gone are the days of the 2iC being the first team removed from the game.  The 2iC is now worth something!!  Because they are a Warrior Team, they can contest objectives.  They can also launch assaults.  But they also can roll for Company Morale!  This is really HUGE too!  Essentially, the 1iC and the 2iC are very close to being the same in terms of game benefits.  This should cause fewer wins based on an auto-fail Company Morale due to the loss of the 1iC.

Vehicle Moving ROF for MGs Stays The Same

There has been so much talk about 1/2 RoF for moving that people were assuming that would effect Vehicle Machine Guns.  Not the case.  Your Shermans are still going to pump 5 MG dice into the enemy infantry.  This will still cause the BAR and other Early War vehicles to retain their "mobile MG bunker" status in the game!  ;-)

I keep finding more little nuggets and I will post a few more here in the next couple of days!

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  1. A couple good spots there - stops those "what the hell does the 2ic do?" posts everywhere! Great news about the MG dice for Shermans, PzIV, Stugs etc.

    Still waiting for my rulebook to arrive, but have, so far, liked everything I've read!